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Customs Regulations in Australia

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Customs Regulations in Australia


  • All shippers (excluding Australian and New Zealand citizens) are required to have a visa to gain entry and to import household goods shipments.
  • A customs form B534 is required for all shipments to be imported. This form can be obtained from the destination agent. The agent can clear the shipment if the shipper is not in the country, provided the form B534 is complete and there are no dutiable items with the shipment.
  • The B534 must be the original as completed by the client. Customs will not accept faxed or photocopied forms. Customs will also ask for a photocopy of each page of the client�s passport.
  • An Authority to Act form must be completed by the client to authorize clearance on their behalf.
  • Owner packed goods require a list of contents from the owner
  • A descriptive inventory (English) is required.
  • Any receipts for goods not owned and used for at least 12 months.


Shipments of household goods and personal effects are allowed duty free entry, provided that they have been owned and used by the shipper for at least twelve (12) months prior to importation. Goods may be cleared before the client arrives in the country provided that all of the necessary, correctly completed documents are in order.


  • Foodstuff:
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables (do not use fruit boxes to pack items, they are prohibited)
    • Grains such as popcorn (popped and unpopped), barley, beans, seeds, etc.
    • All meat and dairy products
  • Plants or parts of plants, soil, seeds, dried flowers and the like
    • Ensure that ALL soil is PROPERLY washed off garden implements or shoes/boots, all grass/soil is removed from lawnmowers and bicycles, vacuum cleaner bags are disposed of, Christmas decorations do NOT contain any pine cones, pieces of bark, branches, or any leaves (i.e. parts of any plant)
  • Most animals including wildlife and endangered species, animal products (such as ivory, skins, feathers, bones, shells and the like or products made from these items) or animal equipment and biological specimens
  • If above items in shipment, shipment will be seized by Customs for identification
  • Medications and narcotic drugs (letter from doctor must state that medication is required for Customer's treatment, and it has been supplied on prescription)
  • Firearms, weapons, ammunition, explosives and some types of martial arts weapons
    • Firearms are subject to severe restrictions
    • Weapons will undergo safety check
    • All firearms will be held by Customs upon arrival and held in "Queens Bond" pending approval by the Police Department for a "Shooters License"
  • Radio transmitters, citizen band radios, cordless telephones (must be approved by the Department of Transport and Communication)
  • If above items in shipment, shipment will be seized by Customs for safety checking
  • Importation of any prohibited item without the necessary Australian Import Permit, may result in $50,000 to $100,000 fines and a jail term of 5-10 years.


  • Importation of motor vehicles and motorcycles are very difficult; regulations are strict and complicated
  • Customer must have owned and used the auto for at least twelve months prior to import
  • ALL MOTOR VEHICLES require Import Permit from Federal Office of Road Safety before vehicle is shipped
  • Customs requires a formal "Entry" to be lodged to import a vehicle
  • Formal Entry means:
    • The Customer is in the country of destination
    • Customer has completed B357 Form
    • Customer has submitted Purchase documents, registration papers and paid duty and sales tax
  • Vehicle must have been steam cleaned and inside vacuumed before departure to Australia
  • Vehicles are subject to sales tax and very high import duties
  • Quarantine authorities will inspect the vehicle on arrival
  • Vehicles must meet minimum safety and emission standards and be right-hand drive, (if not, modifications must be made in Australia
  • Motorcycles/scooters being imported by first time immigrants are free of duty and sales tax, and those being imported by returning residents are free of duty, but do incur sales tax
  • The owner or spouse must produce the documents listed below and complete a B357 Form (Statement for Vehicle Imported by a Passenger)
  • Motor vehicles over 15 years old can be registered without a compliance plate
  • Documents Required:
    • Bill of Sale
    • Certificate of Steam Cleaning
    • "Approved to Import" Certificate
    • Current Passport (previous passport required together with current, if current passport has been issued after purchase of vehicle)
    • Import Permit (will not be granted to Customers who are on a temporary visa)
    • Original Purchase and Registration Papers (showing purchase price and purchase date)
    • Receipts for any modifications to the vehicle which would add value to the purchase price
    • Insurance Policy
    • Drivers License
    • Service records and log books
    • Car Condition Report
    • Authorization from Federal Office of Road Safety
    • Clearance from the Australian Quarantine Service


  • Dogs and cats
  • Strict regulations and quarantine apply (quarantine space very limited)
  • Length of quarantine will depend upon the type of animal and country of origin
  • Proof of inoculation
  • Must obtain an Import Permit from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
  • Birds prohibited


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